Rebecca Jauch
Candidate for Maine State House District 51

About Becky


Like you, I was raised to leave spaces, people, and circumstances better than I found them. Running for office is one of the most impactful ways to work on making things better for current and future generations of Mainers. I care about our community and want to see all of us thrive.

I am a parent, a veteran, and a long-time public servant with over 15 years of government service, including as an operations officer in the CIA. As an active volunteer in our community, I sit on the Topsham Board of Appeals, the Williams Cone School Playground Committee, and the Friends of the Topsham Public Library. I also hold the office of Sagadahoc County Treasurer. I believe in serving my community and improving myself. To that end, I am about to complete my master's degree in statistics at the University of Southern Maine and I look forward to putting my data analysis skill set to work for all of us.

Join me in making our community the best it can be. We can work on achieving this goal, including increasing access to healthcare, supporting and expanding education starting with universal pre-k, and addressing the impacts of climate change head-on.



We need to make sure everyone has access to healthcare - this means working to attract service providers to underserved areas, expanding training for and paying competitive wages to home health care workers, and addressing the rising cost of pharmaceuticals.


We need to invest in our schools to give our children the foundation they need to be successful in the future. This includes expanding pre-k services so every child can start their educational journey on the same foot and increasing support for community colleges and trade schools so Mainers can get the training they need to keep our state moving forward.


Maine is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces from the coast to its expansive forests, lakes, and rivers. We need to ensure we are being mindful environmental stewards so that we can preserve and protect Maine's beauty for generations to come.

Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are human rights and I will always support an individual's right to choose.

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"Becky's skill set as a veteran, a CIA officer, and a graduate student of statistics will serve us well- Topsham will have a smart and committed Representative who knows how to listen."

- Representative Denise Tepler

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